Network Architecture

Network design encompasses all the ways in which your computers and peripherals are connected to each other, and to the Internet. Wired, or wireless? What kind of security will be in place to protect your valuable, private information? And how will this be handled alongside remote access? What about back-up and redundancy? These are questions TheWatchers can help you answer, with careful consideration of your existing systems and budget. Whether your business is large or small, whether you need upgrades to your existing systems, or a whole new system from the ground up, TheWatchers will assist you in achieving a fast, efficient, affordable network design that includes redundancy, remote access, and security.

VOIP Design

High quality, reliable communications are vital to modern business, but traditional landline systems are unaffordable and lack the features and versatility of a Voice over Internet PBX phone system. VoIP phone systems are a powerful addition to any organization with remote employees; simply plug your pre-programmed VoIP phone into any Internet port and place or receive calls at your own regular extension, as if you were in the office. Combine with a VPN and/or firewall for added security. TheWatchers supports most major VoIP systems, and specializes in open-source products such as Asterisk. TheWatchers also supplies SIP termination; an affordable alternative to traditional phone company phone lines. TheWatchers VoIP phone systems will have you and your employees working from anywhere, with no interruption or change to communications with suppliers and clients.


IPv6 is the future. Ultimately every organization, small and large, will be forced to transition from IPv4 to IPv6. TheWatchers can help make this transition as painless as possible by planning now, rather than waiting for the situation to become urgent. We can work with you to design possible network reconfiguration and hardware requirements. We can even set you up with dual-stack, enabling you to run both IPv4 and IPv6 systems simultaneously, so that you'll be ready when the time comes, and not end up scrambling at the last minute.


Firewalls play an important role in network security for businesses of every size by separating your internal systems from the Internet. With the recent NSA scandals, many name-brand products have been accused of having back doors, which nobody knew about due to the closed, proprietary nature of the products. TheWatchers believes in open-source products, and our firewalls are no exception. These are well-known, reputable, affordable, secure products, which offer a graphical interface, allowing businesses to manage their firewall themselves. Of course, TheWatchers can manage your firewall for you if that suits your situation better. Add your firewall to a VPN for the ultimate security system for businesses on the go.


Virtual Private Networks can be extremely advantageous in a world where people are expected to work from anywhere. Whether you have a large organization with remote office locations, or you have salespeople and technicians on the road, or you're a small business owner and you need access to your business from home, a VPN could be the solution for you. In addition to remote file sharing, all of your systems can be securely accessed remotely, including phone systems and internal software such as accounting programs. VPNs use high encryption protocols, and are therefore quite secure. VPNs are the perfect solution for today's portable business.